As we continue our study through the Gospel of John, and in observance of Advent, we are sub-titling the next four weeks: “Immanuel” which means “God with us.”  The weight of the incarnation of Jesus, is the reality that God himself has come to us in human form, to save, redeem, reveal, and be known.  The following passages in John point to the nature if the deity of Christ, as well as the longings and hopes (whether accurate or misguided) that people had for a Messiah.  We hope that this Advent season, and into the new year, is one of celebration and worship, as you comprehend once again, that Jesus truly was and is, “God with us.”

January 4, 2015 :: “Real Food” (John 6:31-59) – Speaker Ralph Rowland – Download

December 28, 2014 :: “The Wrong Direction” (John 6:22-30) – Download

December 24, 2014 :: “Traverse Afar” (John 1:1-4) – Download – Full Service Audio

December 21, 2014 :: “The Discipline of Storms” (John 6:15-21) – Download

December 14, 2014 :: “Bread & Circuses” (John 6:1-15) – Download – Full Service Audio

December 7, 2014 :: “Truth & Pride” (John 5:31-47) – Download

November 30, 2014 :: “Dissonance” (John 5:16-30) – Download

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